Disorganization is good

Paper towels. With snowflakes.

At least the paper towels are cool

It’s July in South Jersey. It’s supposed to be hot. But this hot? Break-the-record-several-days-in-a-row hot? A couple of days of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit hot – for you Celsius folks, that’s like a human running a dangerously high fever?

No. No, no, no.

What to do? If you’re me, there’s a little relief in the cabinet under the sink. The brand of paper towel I like has been selling rolls of towels with seasonal designs – spring flowers, sunbursts, and last winter sledding penguins and snowflakes.

Guess what I found under the sink? Yep, snowflake paper towels. Bought at least five months ago. Back in the days of heaps and mounds of snow everywhere. Back when we wished it would get hot.

An organized person would have used them months ago, too, instead of buying more and sticking them in the cabinet in front of the towels I already had. An organized person wouldn’t be able to cool her kitchen with these lovely wintry towels. Luckily, I am not an organized person.

All right, it’s only symbolically cool. But this summer, I’ll settle for symbolism.

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