Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

What I want more than a Tardis


Sure, a Tardis gives you all the space you could ever need, and more. But here we all are, still stuck with the usual twenty-four hours a day, one hundred and sixty-eight hours a week, eight thousand seven hundred and thiry-six hours a year if it isn’t leap year. And, for almost all of us, not even a hundred years in which to find time to get everything done.

I can’t say that I’m wasting my time, exactly. It’s more a problem of wanting to chase so many butterflies…and some of the butterflies are so lovely that I want them really, really bad, and some – watch out, metaphor at breaking point – some have bombs strapped to their little thoraxes that need to be defused before they go off.


Anyhow, here I am trying to: Finish a fantasy about political goings on in ancient Sumeria. (Not that you can really talk about modern Sumeria, unless it might be Kuwait.) Finish a science fiction story, or maybe a graphic novel, about what to do when your faster than light transport stalls. Finish another science fiction story about a cop who’s an intelligent octopus who needs to solve a murder on an interstellar hotel and transit hub. Finish a Roman-period mystery about who really killed the lion trainer, if it wasn’t his pet lion. Get moving on a series of mysteries in an alternative 1930’s.

And also: Help get a new financial system working at church before the Windows 98 computer that’s running the current DOS-based financials dies. Revamp our church web site – and maybe enlist an interested teenager to participate. Try to talk other people into projects I think would be a good idea, like a monthly come-as-you-are, give-what-you-can, everybody-welcome dinner.

And: Get to the dojo for at least one aikido class a week. Keep in touch with Bob and Tom, and Eileen and Arlene and maybe Irene, and Donna and Heidi and Sue and Sue and Sue, and Mom (my mother) and Dad (my father in law), and Brenda and the boys, and Toni and Bill, and Ann and Joe.

Not forgetting: Get rid of at least a third of the accumulated stuff in this house. Develop a recipe database so I can locate various ways to use, let’s say, cilantro. (Which is one of the five most addictive flavors on the planet.) Knit a lot of stuff – it’s likely to get cold again in five or six months. Exercise for an hour a day. Read through Morning Prayer daily. Draw, and draw, and draw.

Oh, and take care of some tomato plants.

Something’s got to give. It’s not going to be me.